T. Larry Smith


HCHG.org - June 2013

Mr. Luke Douglas of Webbering.com of Headland, Alabama has been in charge of designing, maintaining, hosting, and supporting the web site of the Henry County, Alabama Historical Group, Inc. ever sine the group's inception 14 years ago. Luke does an excellent job in all aspects of our web site. We highly recommend his skilled services.

T. Larry Smith
Henry County's Official Historian.

A. B. Grantham


AlabamaMCL.com - Oct 2015

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank you for a job well done on building and maintaining our website. It is not only very professional looking but very functional and easy to use. Even more impressive is your dedication and excellence to customer service. Whenever I have a request or problem, you always respond and provide a remedy the same day. As of this writing, I don't believe there has been any problems or down time for our website since it's creation.

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Luke Stevens


LukeStevensAgency.com - Jan 2014

Webbering has been fantastic to work with. This is my first business website and Luke has made it easy, and the website looks great. Highly recommend!!

Luke Stevens

Donna Saddoris


CSIPads.com - Jan 2014

Luke has done an amazing job keeping my website on the foreground of everything else that is available. I am a very low tech person and feel very confident that he has my back and is taking good care of my baby. The Team at CSIpads.com really appreciate all you do Luke. Thank you.

Donna Saddoris

Steve Boyette


Drytopps.com - Feb 2014

Luke Douglas has been handling my website for years. He has always been very professional and patient with me making changes and keeping my site up to date. He never fails to handle any problems I might have and always in a timely manner. I appreciate him and feel I can always count on his support.

Steve Boyette

Matt McLaughlin


SilentPP.com - Feb 2013

Solid work, beautiful designs, thorough communication... That's what you experience when building a website via webbering...

Matt McLaughlin

George Thompson


Judson Baptist Association - Feb 2012

The Judson Baptist Association had a website, however, we were not satisfied with their service.  I contacted Mr. Luke Douglas, website consultant, Webbering.Com.  Luke was very helpful from the very beginning.  I simply explained to him the style of website we needed and he reviewed some of our site plans and established the site.  Our association can now view the JBA site and obtain up-to-date information on current events and JBA Happenings.  Luke is always on stand-by to offer any assistance we might need in maintaining the site.  I recommend Luke and Webbering to anyone interested in building a website.


Bro. George

Mark Ward


Wiregrass Courier, LLC - Redesign Feb 2012

About 10 years ago, we wanted to establish a Web presence for our small business. We found Luke Douglas who helped set up the site. He has provided technical support, editing and upgrades though the years. We have been pleased with his work from day one; his prices are competitive and his service is prompt. Luke has helped our business grow. Thank you Luke

Mark Ward
Wiregrass Courier, LLC

David Loomis


Custom Knife Trader - Redesign July 2010

Luke Douglas and his service, Webbering, was referred to me by his son, David. It turned out to be one of the best referrals I have received. Luke quickly revamped and redesigned my site, added creative touches, and produced a fresh new look in a very competitive environment. He provides fast and focused attention to my questions, concerns, and recommendations. If you have any questions regarding the benefits of using his service, please contact me.

David Loomis
Custom Knife Trader

Heidi McLaughlin


FearlessRider.com - Design July 2011
Luke makes the website process so easy for the novice, such as myself. I tell him what I want and in no time, it appears!

Heidi McLaughlin

Jay Pate

Hathcock Roofing & Remodeling

Hathcock Roofing & Remodeling - Redesign July 2011
I would like to thank Luke Douglas and Webbering for re-working our website. We are not computer guys and Luke made the Website simple as well as easy for even us to understand. Thanks again for helping our business grow.

Jay Pate
Hathcock Roofing & Remodeling Co. Inc.

Diane Weatherly Calhoun

Southern Cross Ranch

Southern Cross Ranch - Redesign July 2010
Maintaining a website is a lot of fun. But it can be a full time job, especially if your business has different events going on all the time. Luke Douglas with Webbering does a wonderful job of taking on a lot of the responsibility. He helped re-design our website to look and navigate different. I changed my mind about ten times and each time he was glad to make the last minute changes for me. If I wasn’t sure about something I could count on his knowledge and experience to help me make the right choice.

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Jeremy Bayliss


DelRailey Designs Inc. - March 2011

My name is Jeremy Bayliss, President of DelRailey Designs Inc. I personally have had a wonderful experience with Luke Douglas. He is very knowledgeable and thorough when designing a web site. We came to Luke with a previous web site that was very out of date and not in any way what we wanted. Luke used a few ideas of ours and many of his own to create a web site look that we are absolutely happy with.

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Steve Boyette


Sustainable Energy Solutions - January 2011

I would like to express my appreciation to Luke Douglas of Webbering, for the professional, reliable and constant efforts he has provided to me and my company in design and hosting of my websites. I have used other hosting services in the past but for the last 3+ years, Luke has always stayed on top of making suggestions to improve my sites and keep them up to date in a timely manner. It is always comforting to know that I never have to worry if my websites are being maintained and serviced the way I feel they should be. I would recommend Webbering to anyone that has the need for website design and hosting services.

Steve Boyette
Sustainable Energy Solutions

Penny Jones



Knowing Luke Douglas from my childhood, I have always known he was a computer "Geek"! But now that I have needed him on a professional level, I really do appreciate his infinite knowledge of computers! He can fix things while I am still on the phone trying to explain to him what I am needing! Luke understands my lingo and my capabilities! he has not only taught me about websites, but email concerns as well. He has worked with me in 4 websites and 3 software programs to load on them! He has been patient with telling me different aspects repeatedly!! My favorite thing about Luke is the fact that I can call him late at night hen i am working on my websites!! I would recommend my friend Luke for all your website needs!!

Thank you,
Penny Jones
Tumbleweed Ranch and Training Facility

Jim Geisler



When C.H.A.R.M., Inc. (City of Headland Animal Rescue Mission) made a decision that a website would be beneficial to us, we immediately thought of Webbering DDH. Not only is it a local company, it has an excellent reputation. When we approached Luke Douglas, he offered to design a website for us gratis, for which we will be eternally grateful as our precious funds are certainly needed to fulfill our mission of finding loving homes for dogs. Luke was professional, creative, and extremely helpful in that he seemed to know our needs better than we did. He even designed our logo for us!

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Eric Davis



I would gladly recommend Luke Douglas to anyone that desires a website. He goes above and beyond to give you exactly what you need. For business owners Luke is exactly what you are looking for.

Eric Davis

Jody Singleton



Webbering DDH is simply the best cyber investment you can make. The value proposition with low up-front and monthly costs blows the competition away. If you do your part to keep the content fresh, I can say with confidence that it will be money wisely spent.

Jody M. Singleton, CPA

Carllee Jones



My name is Carllee Jones, and I recently got to know Luke Douglas on a business level, with my new endeavor, LifeSavers Therapeutic Riding Center. Although Luke has known my mother for a very long time, and worked with her for several years on various projects, within this past month of him working with me on my website has been the first that I have actually worked with him. Luke automatically blew me away when he offered to devote his time and knowledge of computers to my non-profit organization for handicapped children and adults, and even though we are not a paying customer (yet), he has spent countless hours working on making our site as productive and eye appealing as any of his other clients.

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Bill Parker



Since moving to Headland in 1970 I have always worked to help the community realize it's full potential. After retirement I assumed the role of Economic Developer for the city. At that time the Henry County schools and none of the municipalities were using the emerging technology provided by the internet. There were no web sites at any level of government in the county. Efforts were begun to create a website for the City of Headland. Many attempts to create a web site failed. These failures were primarily because of elected officials did not put the creation of a web site as a top priority and did not see the importance of staying abreast of technology needed in modern society. Eventually, after about ten years, the opportunity was given to Luke Douglas-Webbring who has provided a highly satisfactory web site of which the city officials and the citizens of Headland are extremely proud. It is provided at a reasonable cost and service is outstanding.

Bill Parker



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