Don't lose your domain name!

The one dreaded day that many business and organization managers experience each day is getting that email or phone call saying your website is not found.  When you check, you confirm that your website is now missing from the internet and replaced with a notice that 'This domain is available for sale' with a link to purchase it.  When you click that link, you find out that your domain name can be registered for $1000, $2500, $10000, or some outlandish price. You have just entered the world of domain sitter companies!

What are domain sitter companies?  These are individuals and companies that scan daily for domain names that have lapsed and they immediately register the domain names hoping that someone has forgotten to renew their domain name. They are hoping that you have committed substantial resources to create and promote your website so you must have that 'domain name' back!  That is when they can charge and get such exorbitant fees to release the domain name back to you.  Go ahead, it's OK to cry! :)

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Find Kelli A Cure - Kelli's Heroes

Henry County Historical Group

hchg-2012-07-thumb has used their website
to expand their business and provide their
clients with online capabilities such as the
new online Pickup Request form.

In July 2012, we migrated the site to the new Joomla Framework including a template based on the Gantry Framework using the 960 Grid System. This change gave us the ability to have dynamic display of the site not only for browsers but for mobile devices such as tables and intelligent phones. At the same time, we change the format of the content organization and included sidebar navigation for individual sections. Also, although it is not part of our defined services, we redesigned their application form to spruce it up. All in all, the HCHG leadership were very pleased with the results. - Redesign - Feb 2012 has used their website
to expand their business and provide their
clients with online capabilities such as the
new online Pickup Request form.

Mark Ward, ( is one of our oldest clients whose site went live in September 2004.  We just completed a new site redesign and migration in February 2012.

Mark Ward started a small courier service that has grown over the years which services an expanding tri-state area of Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Early on, Mark realized the importance of having a website and used our services to meet that need.  Since that time we have redesigned the website three times with upgraded services including a new online pickup request form.

Since we have had a long, working experience with Mark, he gave us the go ahead for the newest design with minimal input from his staff and him.  He is pleased with the results.


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J&S Mortician Service - February 2012 provides Bill
with an online communications tool to
let funeral directors and individuals know
about the services he provides.

Bill Snell, ( is a new client whose site went live in Feb 2012.

William R. 'Bill' Snell has built a solid business doing a task that most people would never do themselves but they truly appreciate the valuable service that Bill and his staff provides.  Transporting deceased family members from one part of the United States or Canada to another part is something that no family member can truly do by themselves.  With the growth of his business, Bill felt he needed a website to give funeral directors and individuals a way to find out more about the services that is provided by his company. 

Working with Bill and his staff, we created a look that he wanted for his site as well as expanded content from his brochures.  We added a service map showing all of the states and provinces that he serves as well as where he has already provided services in the United States and Canada.

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