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It's simple. we have over 35+ years in dealing professionally with small businesses, organizations, governments and individuals. Our experiences in accounting, business and computer consulting services for a wide range of clients along with our knowledge of application development as well as website development, gives us a unique ability to quickly understand what you need when it comes to website design, website development, and website hosting .

What we provide is a one-stop service at a fixed monthly fee. Basically, we become your website consultant on a fixed retainer. Our primary geographical area is southeast Alabama, southwest Georgia and Northwest Florida covering a 100 mile radius of Dothan, Alabama but we have created and maintained sites in over a dozen different states from Virginia to Tennessee to Colorado and onwards to California. In the past 10 years, we have become the #1 website development firm specializing in Joomla based websites. We've grown by providing the best quality websites at an affordable and reasonable cost for small to medium size businesses and organizations.

What do we provide for a single monthly fee?


OK, but what about my site? Read on!!!

If you need someone to develop your website and provide total support, then Webbering DDH can do it. But let's talk turkey now. Many factors will determine the type of site that you will need. You need to define what is the purpose for having a website . Are you wanting to have a place where you can tell the who, what, when, where and why of your business which is available 24/7?? Are you wanting to sell products online? Are you needing a community portal for interacting with the public and/or members? Will your site need multi-media publishing capability? What is the target area for your website, meaning are you interested in a local, regional, national or interrnational range for your markets? Will you be maintaining the content for the website or do you prefer to simply supply the information to our firm and let us update the site? There are many more questions but the more answers we have, the better we can design a site to meet your needs.

Can Webbering do any type of website . Honestly, we can but our focus is small to medium businesses, organizations and individuals. In fact, we have referred potential clients to other website firms when we felt it was outside the focus of our firm. Let's face it, there are some websites that simply would take up too much of our time and not be part of our target market which is small businesses, organizations, governments and individuals. Our prospects are clients that may not want to invest a large amount of their financial resources into a website, yet they have a need for a website . Also, they don't need the hassle of dealing with registering their own domain ( website ) name, then signing up with a hosting company to host their site, then having to find someone to design and develop their site as well as having to find someone to help them when they get stuck on their website . We provide an ongoing service at a low monthly fee that provides 'all' of these services. In effect, we're a one stop service. If a client has a need or a problem with their website , they have one company to contact and that is Webbering Design, Development and Hosting.

Why Webbering? Let's take an example.

We believe in customizing a website to match the clients personality. In addition, we know that not all websites will have a need for all available technology or capabilities that we can provide.

Look at this very nice template to the right. It is the RocketTheme Infuse template which you can view further at this link. This is a very nice template that can be purchased and used on a website through their template club. It's colorful, well laid-out and provides a lot of modules for content display. And that is precisely why most small businesses do not need a template like this. They simply do not have enough content to fill the space. Also, the template does not reflect what their business is all about.

Attractive! Absolutely! Perfect for most websites? No! It might be useful for a florist but would not fit a construction company, insurance agency, chamber of commerce, political campaign or most businesses in general. That's precisely why 'stock' templates are not a good fit for most websites. Also, many designers want to show off their skills so they go all out with their designs which are more geared towards large businesses and organizations but not for small to medium size businesses.

rockettheme_infuse_modulesLook at the template positions to the left. In all there are 28 module positions. Modules can be enabled or disabled but, in reality, how many businesses really need a template that has this capability? Not many! If you had a need for a website to hold a lot of content, then something like this would be right up your alley. Also, if you had a need for this type of website , then you will have to commit the personnel to maintain all of that content.

Could I provide that capability? Sure! After all, it's just a template based on the Joomla CMS (Content Management System) foundation. What is Joomla ? Let's don't get into too many details but think of the underlying website content like an automobile frame with the display of that content being the automobile shell. In this case, the underlying content 'automobile frame' is universal and the template ('body') can be anything. So if you wanted a Corvette look, you would put a Corvette body on the frame. If you wanted a Ford F150 look, you would put a Ford F150 body on the frame. By using different templates, you can get different looks, yet the underlying framework as well as actual content is the same.

why_joomlaThat is the beauty of using a CMS as your foundation. Joomla is the CMS that we use. A CMS basically separates style (look) of a website from the content that is displayed on that website.

Just to give you an idea, look at a few sites that provide pre-designed templates:

  • Siteground Templates - All of their templates are GPL - General Public License meaning they can be used free.
  • Best of Joomla - A template portal that shows templates from different companies
  • Joomla 24 - A large template portal that has over 3000 different templates from a variety of sources, both free and commercial
  • RocketTheme - A commerical site
        Note: They have 3 free templates and we have used the Afterburner template on 5 different sites each with a different look.
  • Joomla Jet - A commercial site but these are all adaptable styles that we can do from GPL templates.
  • Joomla -Planet - A commercial site that has free templates but most of their commercial styles we can adapt GPL templates so there is no cost.
  • Joomla Shack - A commerical site
  • Joomla Bamboo - A commercial site
  • Shape 5 - A commercial site
  • IceTheme - A commercial site
  • TemplatePlazza - A commercial site
  • Joomla Monster - A commercial site

Naturally, if you spend as much as an hour looking at some of the templates on each of these sites, you're eyes will begin to glaze over but don't be overwhelmed. We'll walk you through a template selection step by step. You are not alone!

We keep focused!

Most of the websites we developed have come from GPL (general public license) templates. OK, let's make it simple. Free templates! There are literally thousands available worldwide right now. But most do not have the look that a client might want. That is where Webbering 'redesigns' the template to match the clients need.

Southern Cross Ranch

website-thesoutherncrossranch-orig-bluejean-templateOne of the more dramatic template changes we made was for The Southern Cross Ranch. They wanted a website to show off their indoor / outdoor arena areas as well as describe the wide range of services that they provide. In discussions with the owners, they had some features they wanted such as a site look that reflected their ranch style. What better way than to use different images from their facilities to create their website . Also, they wanted content to be bordered by a barb-wire look and they wanted a color scheme that complimented their sign colors. With this info, we researched and found a template, the Blue Jean template to the right, that gave us the underlying framework we needed but did not have the look they wanted.

website-thesoutherncrossranch-orig-homeWe took this template and modified to reflect the style that they had described to me. We took a photo of their sign and enhanced the image to add photos of Chuck and Diane on the front as they wanted a photo of them on their horses on the home page. As the Blue Jean template had borders around the content, we replaced that border with barb wire images as well as changed the color style to match the sign using a pale yellow background for the main content area. While out at their facility, we noticed the stone wall that they had at their entryway and thought it would be an excellent side borders. So we took photo's of the wall, cloned the image to make it large enough for the background and floated the website in the middle of the page so the stone background became the side borders. Finally, in order to show off the side borders, we reduced the width of the content area to 770 pixels which on some order monitors is most of the width but most modern day monitors, it is about 2/3 of the width. They loved this look.

website-thesoutherncrossranch-orig-otherHowever, it was obvious that the large header wouldn't work on all of the other pages as it would take up too much screen real estate which was needed for their content. So we created another template from this one but used a small header to free up room for all other pages. We simply removed the photo's of two owners on their horses, removed the top portion of the sign and made a smaller header. This provided the needed room so that content about their business could be displayed and viewed with very little scrolling. All navigation remained the same as ease of navigation is a standard of all well designed websites. The nice thing is you can assign different templates to different pages so this gives additional flexibility for website design.

Obviously, TheSouthernCrossRanch.com required some dramatic changes but this is not always true for all websites. Some require less changes in structure and only required some graphic as well as color changes.

Wiregrass International, Inc.

RocketTheme Afterburner TemplateHowever, sometimes only minor changes will meet a clients need. Bruce Nesiba with Wiregrass International, Inc.  wanted a redesign to update their website . After showing different templates to Bruce, he liked the layout of the Afterburner template which was a GPL open source template developed by RocketTheme. This theme came with 8 different color schemes and Bruce liked one of the dark styles. By simple manipulation of module sizes and adding our own graphics, we quickly modified the template to meet Bruce's vision of how he wanted their site to look like.

Wiregrass International, Inc.For their home page, we made three basic changes. We changed the left and right sidebar widths to create a 3 column display of their three main areas of farming and construction; trucks, parts and autos; as well as lawn and garden. We used a 'showcase' module position to put a frontpage slideshow which rotates images of their products along with custom label thumbnails to match. At the top, we created a landscape view of their business using 4 different photos, changed the brightness and contrast to create a background image and put their business name, their primary vendor Case IH Agriculture and their business locations with phone number.

The end result is an eye-appealing website that promotes their business and it's products.

Sure, you can take a template off a commercial site and install with no modifications but a website should reflect the business, organization, government or individual that it is representing. Besides, who really wants a cookie-cutter website that several other sites are using with no modifications. Clients want a site that is uniquely theirs.

That is our philosophy too!

{slide=United States Website Locations}
Webbering has developed websites for individuals, organizations,
businesses and/or governments in these states (blue).
Webbering has developed websites for individual, organization, business and/or governments in these states.
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Our immediate service area is the Tri-States of Alabama, Florida and Georgia.




  • Barbour County
    • Clayton
    • Clio
    • Eufaula
  • Coffee County
    • Elba
    • New Brockton
    • Enterprise
  • Covington County
    • Andalusia
    • Florala
    • Opp
  • Dale County
    • Daleville
    • Midland City
    • Newton
    • Ozark
  • Geneva County
    • Geneva
    • Hartford
    • Malvern
    • Samson
    • Slocomb
  • Henry County
    • Abbeville
    • Headland
    • Newville
  • Houston County
    • Ashford
    • Columbia
    • Cottonwood
    • Dothan
    • Kinsey
    • Rehobeth
    • Taylor
    • Webb
  • Pike County
    • Brundidge
    • Troy





  • Bay County
    • Callaway
    • Lynn Haven
    • Mexico Beach
    • Panama City
    • Panama City Beach
    • Parker
    • Springfield
  • Calhoun County
    • Blountstown
  • Escambia County
    • Bellview
    • Century
    • Ensley
    • Myrtle Grove
    • Pensacola
    • Pensacola Beach
    • Perdido Key
    • Warrington
    • West Pensecola
  • Franklin County
    • Apalachicola
    • Carrabelle
    • Eastpoint
  • Gulf County
    • Port St. Joe
    • Wewahitchka
  • Jackson County
    • Cottondale
    • Graceville
    • Malone
    • Marianna
    • Sneads
  • Liberty County
    • Bristol
  • Okaloosa County
    • Crestview
    • Destin
    • Fort Walton Beach
    • Mary Esther
    • Niceville, Shalimar
    • Valparaiso
  • Santa Rosa County
    • Gulf Breeze
    • Milton
    • Navarre
    • Pace
  • Walton County
    • DeFuniak Springs
    • Freeport
    • Miramar Beach
    • Santa Rosa Beach
  • Holmes County
    • Bonifay
    • Ponce De Leon
    • Westville
  • Washington County
    • Caryville
    • Chipley
    • Ebro
    • Vernon
    • Wausau
  • Baker County
    • Newton
  • Calhoun County
    • Arlington
    • Edison
    • Morgan
  • Clay County
    • Ft. Gaines
  • Decatur County
    • Bainbridge
  • Early County
    • Arlington
    • Blakely
  • Miller County
    • Colquitt
  • Quitman County
    • Georgetown
  • Randolph County
    • Cuthbert
    • Shellman
  • Seminole County
    • Donalsonville
    • Iron City
  • Stewart County
    • Lumpkin
    • Richland



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